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Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Love as a con artist and the Devil?
Posted 11/18/00

Jennifer Love Hewitt will shed her "girl next door" image in a couple of her up coming projects. In the movie "Breakers" set to hit theaters early next year, Love will play a con artist who seduces men for their money. The reports are that Love's wardrobe for the film consisted mainly of skimpy outfits. She recently did an interview in a dress so short that she had to stand the entire time for fear it would ride up when she sat down. But though she shows a little skin in the movie, don't expect to see Love completely in the buff anytime soon. She admitted in an interview that though there are some steamy kissing scenes in the movie, she still is not comfortable enough to do a full out love scene just yet.

Love's next project is a remake of "The Devil and Daniel Webster" directed by and starring Alec Baldwin, where she will play the Devil. That's right! Sweet Jennifer Love Hewitt will play Satan, the Lord of Darkness. The film, which also stars Anthony Hopkins, is slated to begin filming on Jan. 15, 2001.


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